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About Me


My name is Tiqua. I'm a fabulous mom, I work a full-time job as a Operations Manager and I create amazing cakes and treats part-time. I have been making amazing cakes for over 10 years now. OMG, I feel old!! I also started a blog called Mom Sweet Hustle it's a work in progress but still check it out. I know you are wondering 10 years why doesn't she have a shop or something. The answer is I don't want one. I like the time freedom I have. I don't want to sit in a shop all day and bake all day. I'm an introvert and talking to folks all day is just not me. Tell me what you want and BAM we done. Let me be GREAT!!! SO which brings me to another thing about me. I don't just accept any order, I only accept orders that I can show my flare. Making cakes is my fun and if it's not fun anymore what's the point? We do so many things in life that we just don't want to do and cakes will not be one of them for me. 


Be Safe, Healthy & Sweet! 

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